Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm fobbed!

I just received my fob! Carol was an absolute angel and stitched me a replacement fob after the first fob sent to me wandered off... somewhere. :P My first fob has since resurfaced, of course just after Carol posted the replacement so I'm very lucky to be receiving two lovely gifts!

Carol stitched a brilliant flower design on 36ct linen, including some over one sections. I'm in awe! She also sent some goodies, including a fat quater, a Six Strand Sweet, a Mill Hill beading kit, some great notepads and of course some shiny new scissors. Thankyou so much Carol!


WendyJo said...

You have a great package to enjoy Kate and love that fob! Very pretty!

Carol is a gem!

Carol said...

Yay Kate! That sure did get to you fast! I am glad you like it! I had flowers in my head that day!