Friday, April 11, 2008

Merci, Katrina!!!

After a mind-numbing day at work yesterday, I came home to the most perfect surprise ever!!!! Katrina had my name for the pinkeep exchange, and she clearly went above and beyond in trying to please me! My husband and I are leaving for France in about 2 1/2 weeks as my 40th birthday gift and she in checking out my blog decided to create something French. I've tried three times to upload the pictures here, but there were "errors", so they will be on my blog as soon as I can get them up. Katrina, I could not find your personal email to thank you, but please know you brought tears to my eyes with your thoughtfulness and creativity! She included an adorable bag that I'm going to be taking with me for my jewelry, a map of Paris proper and this awesome bookmark with common English to French sayings on it that I know will be put to very good use! Thank you so much, Katrina!!!

Kind regards,


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