Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pinkeep Exchanged Received From Marie!!!

Look at the wonderful pinkeep exchange I received from Marie! Isn't it wonderful?!?!

Marie chose a collaborative design from LHN/CCN, which was published in The Gift of Stitching magazine. I adore LHN/CCN, so she couldn't have chosen any better! The finished product is beyond beautiful!

Also included in my package was a matching stitched scissor fob (which has already found its way onto a pair of my scissors), CCN's "Rose Cottage" (I didn't have this one, but now I do!), two skeins of Carrie's Creation threads (I see a new collection beginning), a floss organizer, photo album, postcard (it's a small world, Marie, as my mom was born in Logan, WV) and a sweet note from Marie.

I absolutely love everything and couldn't be happier with this exchange! Thank you so very much, Marie!!!

Here are some pictures...click on them for larger images...


Jacque said...

WOW!! Really pretty, congrats!

WendyJo said...

Very very pretty!!! Enjoy!