Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pinkeep Received

Let's see if Blogger will allow me to post this time! I've been trying and trying to let everyone share the WONDERFUL pinkeep I received from Wendy! Isn't it fantastic!! Being totally addicted to coffee, this pinkeep definitely gave me a caffeine jolt. I forgot to photograph the back, but it's my favorite matchthe coffee cup. Also enclosed was some great caramel truffle coffee (which I'm saving for the weekend when I get together with my group of stitching friendsfor our monthly stitching weekend) and a couple charts from my wish list, Peony and Cherry Tree Hill. Now, which chart should I start this weekend?

Thank you SO MUCH, Wendy. I really love your wonderful gift.

1 comment:

WendyJo said...

I am so happy you love the pinkeep I stitched for you and the goodies I got as well.

You will love that coffee! Its my favorite flavor!