Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Freebie Design Exchange sent and Received!

Hello everybody!
I sent and received Freebie Design Exchanges on the same day!

Just before going to the post office I got a package from Carol with my Freebie Exchange. That was a pleasant surprise!
In the package there were a lot of goodies and a very pretty biscornu in the gift bag. Wow!

For the exchange Carol chose one of my favorite designs by Martina Weber called "Martina Roses" and she stitched it on Black Jobelan. The design stitched on the black fabrick looks just stunning. Thank you so much Carol and for stitching on black - another thank you.

In the package there were also included a very nice chart by The Stitching Parlor ( I like it so much!), a box of pearlized pins, some fabric, hand dyed floss and body lotion.

Thank you very much Carol - I feel spoiled.

Here are the pictures of my exchange.

And I also sent a Freebie Design Exchange package to my partner. I hope my freebie piece reaches its new home soon and my partner likes it.


Carol said...

You are so very welcome - it was my delight to stitch for you!

Cathie said...

So nice !!!

Sandrajay said...

Lucky you! That's a very nice exchange. Enjoy!

Lillie said...

Wow! loved the colors on the biscornu.

stitchenmylifeaway said...

I loved the colors too. And the beads and and and... LOL
Nice exchange.

Nelapx said...

OHHHHHHH issssssssss guaooooo....
Me gusta