Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Quaker Exchange Closed/Partners Sent Out

PARTNER NAMES HAVE BEEN SENT! As of today, all partner names have been emailed out (May 16, 2008) - please let me know if you did not receive yours.

The theme is Summer Quaker - stitch whatever you want as long as it is a quaker design and somehow incorporates the theme of summer, be that in the motifs, the fiber color or the fabric color.... make whatever you want as long as it is not a towel or a bookmark, and as always, no AIDA please.

I will take sign ups from now until May 15, 2008 Email me at carolsutcliffe @ comcast . net (omit spaces) to sign up (membership currently closed, only those actively subscribed to this blog, please).

Posting date will be August 1, 2008

If you have not fulfilled your exchange commitments for the scissor fob, biscornu or pinkeep exchange, you may not sign up for this exchange until your commitment is fulfilled - thanks!!! If you are not certain of your status, just email me and we can chat.

***My apologies to stitchers in the southern hemisphere who will be experiencing winter during this exchange! I love seasonal exchanges, yet there is no season we all experience at the same time....


Crisy said...

Hello, U won't believe how long it has taken me 2 find a lovely group that is stitching LHN 4 an RR and a Quaker Summer one, or even The Moulin Rouge one. Lots of nights looking,here in New Zealand. Not one 2 be found. U r right in saying we r in2 the Winter months now and I even want 2 set up a group that can do Hawk run ones, Villiage, the clipper one and houses of Hawk run, oh I am so in love with all these pieces. Do u think u will have time 2 read me and consider me 2 be part of a couple of groups here, as mentioned above.
I have been a stitcher 4 a number of years now, and do alot of stitcheries of Bronwyn Hayes, and rather alot of Redwork, of which I am doing now of Old World Santa's
Looking 4ward 2 hearing from u and I will have my maybe 32ct bought by next evening if that is wot I need 2 work on, but will need the measurements 2 get it all right from the start, soooo I am keen alright, and can't wait if u let me join in.
Thank u 4 ur time, and if u can't seem 2 fill me in, I will understand and wait 4 the next one, of which I hope is soon.

Much Kind Regards
Crisy knit stitcher NZ

trillium said...

I want to stitch this one! I'm sending you an email.

Nelapx said...

carol me too please.... send mail for yuo

trillium said...

Carol, I just sent you an email. I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier(this is my secondary email account). I see you put my name on the list, so that's fine. Any partner is OK, as I have explained in my email.
Marie W.

Irmeli said...

Carol I want to participate in this exchange and I have sent email for you, but it come back to me. I try again and hope that you receive it!!

Carol said...

Didn't get the email, but I will add you right now Irmeli :-)