Monday, June 16, 2008

Freebie exchange from Nic W.

I apologize to everyone, especially Nic W. I am so sorry
this took me so long to post. I received the most wonderful
exchange from Nic W. She stitched for me-not one, but two
things! The first is a cute little fringed pillow with a butterfly
charm. The second is the same design, but she stitched it
over 1 thread and made it into a fob. She also stitched my
name on the back and added another butterfly charm.

She also sent me some rayon floss, mill hill beads, felt, a
hen button, and some sake and rice body wash and lotion
from Avon. Thanks so much-you really spoiled me! Again-
I feel just awful that I didn't let Nic know sooner!


Nic said...

I'm glad to hear it arrived okay - I was getting a little worried.

I'm pleased you like it - I enjoyed stitching it so much I did it twice! :o)

Jill said...

What a very cute idea! I might have to do this myself. Great exchange.