Saturday, June 14, 2008

Freebie exchange received from Edgar

Today I've received an absolutely gorgeous piece in the mail... I just adore it! Edgar's finishing is so perfect, so neat, so soft... the colours so well matched... and the extra goodies very lovely.

Thank you so much, Edgar, you really spoiled me with your work... :) I've already placed the pinkeep in a place where I can see it as often as I want to :) and I love to take it in my hands to admire your skills..

(Edgar sent it on May 22nd, it took very long to reach Norway, unusually long... but it was well worth the wait!)


Carol said...

That is beautiful - yes Anna, Edgar does lovely work! Enjoy! I am so glad it finally arrived!

Lillie said...

That is a very sweet piece to me.

WendyJo said...

Oh that is very pretty!! Lovely work Edgar and lucky Anna! Enjoy!