Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Freebie Exchange to Nic

Nic has received her Freebie Exchange now and after some searching I have found the photos I took of what I sent her so will put them up as I can't see they have already been posted. I made her a hardanger tassel - a design given to me by an embroiderer in the Waikato Embroiderers Guild here in NZ. She designed it herself so it is rather special. I also included some NZ bath salts and a bath cloth so that Nic could indulge!

1 comment:

Nic said...

And can I just say that the picture doesn't do the ornament justice at all? It's gorgeous...

As for the bath salts - I was away for three days ona training course and made the most of the big hotel bathroom and had a soak - I needed to wind down, it was perfect!