Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hi Everyone,

I am very new to the group and would be so grateful if somebody could help me out here..... how to I do a blog? How do I read the blogs? What are the blogs?

Warmest wishes


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Gwen said...

Hi Caroline, Welcome to HoE.
I don't have your email address so I will attempt some answers here. I am by not means an expert in this area.

(1)There are many sites on the web where you can start a blog. One other of the most popular and very easy to use and it's free is blogger and other popular one is wordpress.
Your can get to them by going to: or

(2)If you know the name of a blog you and type it into your browser and go directly to the blog or you can do a search for blogs. Google has a blog search feature that limits the titles to blogs. If you look at the right hand column of the HoE home page just click on a name that is underlined and it will take you to that person's blog. (3)This will help you get to know the other stitchers and give you an idea of the different layouts, topics and frequency that people add messages to their blogs.

Well this comment is long enough, I am sure you will be hearing from some others as well.
If you have more questions just ask.
Hope this helps,