Monday, June 2, 2008

I received a lovely freebie exchange today :-)

I just received a really lovely freebie exchange from Joan S. today. Just look at all of these goodies - she really spoiled me! I suspect Joan is very good at spoiling, and what a creative gal she is! Except for the chart and the mints, everything you see is made by her! And her DIL painted the artwork on the thread holder! A family affair - love it!! You cannot see how cute the little chicken pin cushion is - I already have that little cutie set up right by my stitching chair ;-) I did not have the chart yet, Joan (it's from my wish list) and am over the moon! I saw it stitched up at Celebration last month and wanted it even more then! Oh, I could go on and on... let the picture say it all, though.

Thank you soooo much Joan!!

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