Friday, June 20, 2008

I received my freebie from Laura

Thank you so much I love it. Now here is the story of this freebie. Carol has been emailing me about this and I kept saying no I didn't receive it. Well after several emails today and her saying that laura sent it UPS and my saying nope didn't get it. Well I left work and this light bulb went off in my head. There has been a small UPS box on my porch for a couple of weeks. But I thought it was the box that DH's new cell phone came in so I never paid attention to it. So I got home and lo and behold it is mine. The UPS left it on my porch but not a note attached to the door. So it was sitting with other boxes that were empty. I feel horrible about this and am so sorry. I am glad that Carol mentioned it coming UPS instead of regular mail. I would have felt even worse than I do, if Laura had stitched another piece and sent it out. I just love the little pocket in the back of the pillow. I also got a tea bag and hot chocolate, pixie sticks, which I love . some pretty pins, a little bunny and perfect stickers to do my Myrtle Beach scrapbook, and a very nice Seattle coffee mug, which I collect from different places. So thank you so much and I apologize about this from the bottom of my heart.


Carol said...

Fantastic news! Hey, we all do things like that sometimes!

Dragonflymystic said...

YAY!!! I am so so excited! Although I did not mind making another package, I was so disappointed because I loved the pillow, and hoped you would get it! YAY!!! I wasnt so sure about the kitties, but I knew you had a few! Glad you liked your package! I am glad it is safe and sound! Also I have so much in common with you... I loved your blog! Please keep in touch!
breathing a sigh of relief!!