Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just Nan by Sonda in OR

Hello, stitchers!

I'd like to share my Freebie exchange from Sonda in OR. Please excuse me for the photo quality as I'm doing this between my housekeeping task because I really what to share it here. LOL. You can view better picture over my blog when I update it later. Sonda stitched for me a freebie by Just Nan - a favourite of mine and finished as a stylish biscornus. Very very pretty and the colours are so lovely. Apart from that Sonda also send me a beaded scissors fob, purple fat quater print and a roll of ribbon. I'm so spoiled. Thanks a million , Sonda. It's just great to be back from vacation with wonderful package waiting for me. It really put off my mind a bit while getting back into the groove. Thank you again, Sonda!!!!! Love ya!

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WendyJo said...

Gorgeous the colors Sonda used! Enjoy!