Saturday, June 7, 2008

My freebie from Nela

Yesterday, I received this lovely gift from Nela!

freebie exchange
It is an embroidered box with thread and needle minders. She also sent a matching scissor fob. They are sooooo pretty. I am blown away by Nela's skill in finishing. I will treasure these always.

freebie exchange
Plus, candy! Yay! They are very tasty.

Thank you so much, Nela. Your gift has made me very happy.


stitchhappy said...

Oh, Jennifer, what a beautiful gift! You must be so excited! Nela spoiled you wonderfully with her outstanding package.

Nelapx said...

Hello jenny, for me has been a great pleasure, wanted something special for you, that you can use every day, and keep a bit of my thus the color,
I am very glad you like ...
I hope to enjoy much, if he could now put the tutorial, did not want to see if the initials.
Hola jenny, para mi ha sido un gran placer, queria algo especial para ti, que lo puedas usar todos los dias, y que llevara un poco de mi, por ello el color,
me alegro mucho que te gustase...
espero lo disfrutes mucho, ahora si podre colocar el tutorial, no queria que si vieran las iniciales.