Thursday, July 10, 2008

LHN Exchange lands in SF

I received the greatest exchange yesterday from Simone.
Here is a snap of what she sent -

She stitched and perfectly finished a wonderful Pyn Keepe/Scissor pocket. (adding my antiquated spelling) Included in the package was a lovely piece of linen from Sugar Maple Fabrics called "Winter Meadow" - I need to find something really special to stitch on this beauty!! There was also a LHN chart and a big bag of Black Dutch Licorice - which is quite different from American Licorice in that it has a salty undertone and is harder - I used to be able to get it here in SF but the store is no longer in business.
Black licorice is one of my downfalls and I just love the stuff!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful exchange!!!


stitchhappy said...

Fabulous! The quaint spelling (one of the things that so endears Edgar to us) is a perfect touch! Great exchange!

Lillie said...

Lovely !!