Monday, July 7, 2008

LHN from Georgie arrives in Iowa!

I received a lovely package from Georgie when I went to the post office today and am so happy that Georgie stitched this design for me because I have seen it stitched so many times and this is one I have really wanted to purchase and stitch for myself or have someone stitch for me so I was very tickled that I now have it!!

Georgie made this into a lovely little pocket with thread rings to boot and then tucked inside of the pocket were the cutest little pair of scissors! I am so looking forward to taking them to stitch group tomorrow and show my exchange to the girls.

Thank you so very much Georgie...I absolutely love my exchange very much.

Wendy Jo

Here is a pic:

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Georgie said...

I am so glad you like your exchange! I had so much fun stitching it, that I am making another one.....Enjoy!