Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Quaker Exchange Received!

I have just received a Summer Quaker exchange parcel from Jill! Wow!!!
Jill stitched "Seasonal Accents Sampler - Summer " for me and finished it as a tin topper. The design stitched over one looks so delicate and the finishing is superb! Jill also made a nice Marking Pin/Thread Counter for me. Jill sure read my blog : she sent me a lovely chicken pincushion :-))! I told her that I will never stick pins into it.

There were also included a pair of pretty scissors ( I've never seen such scissors before), some fabric, mini note cards with my initial ( where did she fmanage to find anything with my initial!), a package of needles and, to top everything, a hand made card for a letter. I feel completely spoiled.
I want to thank Jill from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful exchange:
she is a great crafter and she put so much of herself into this exchange. Thank you!


caerbannog said...

That's so cute! I love the pattern for that.

Carol R said...

A great exchange - such a pretty tin