Thursday, August 14, 2008

Biscornut for australia Suzanne-Nela

Well I said my mail is slow but sure, today I have called to report that the mail package arrived, my sister what had withdrawn, and past the images,

This package salio Australia since the April 28, arrived in Caracas on June 3 , And Maracaibo today August 14 ... Only it took almost 4 months to reach me.
Will my thanks to Suzanne, who has envied this beautiful biscornut, besides the embroidery comes in a linen fabric, with a hand-dyed thread, and decorated with beads. know the designer. In addition to her send linen fabric, dyed with tea count 28, and dmc threads oranges

Thank you,

I in my city now can not dmc, fabric embroideryfor much less, so this is a great treasure for me, besides not had a linen cloth so beautiful ...

Thank you Suzanne

I love postal is the one mom Kanguro and baby


Carol said...

Fantastic news! I know it was really bothering Suzanne how long this was taking! What a relief!

Einschies blog said...

Oh my goodness Nela, semms like you are the poorest here with waiting soooooooo long...but it´s worth waiting so have fun with your new Biscornu,-))