Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Quaker from Terry

Terry, your Summer Quaker has arrived. I'm so sorry that you had to wait so long for your envelope to arrive, but whenever something lands at the customs office it takes up to two weeks before I learn about it. Thursday I found their letter in my mailbox that I had to collect an envelope from them and yesterday I stopped there on our way to my mom. I should have posted yesterday but we got back home around midnight only.

Terry, thank you so much for the wonderful needlebook you stitched for me. I love the motifs as well as the thread you stitched it with. Your goodies are very welcome - I'm always in need of ribbons for my pinkeeps and ornaments, and I also use them on little pillows. The charts are so great and I will try myself on one of those little strawberries very soon. Thanks for everything, Terry.

I will soon post a picture of this exchange, as soon as I have made one.


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