Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gorgeous Needleroll from Gaby

I received a gorgeous Needleroll from Gaby, take a look…

Needleroll Exchange from Gaby

Wow, so perfectly stitched and finished! To my surprise, Gaby also stitched a very small Biscornu fob. My word this little treasure measures a mere 1 ¾” ~ I am still hoping to make a Biscornu but I know that it will not be this tiny. As it this were not enough she included a cute flower pot kit, some great 32ct linen, and a neat heart that I can use for finishing. I have post more pictures on my blog.

Thanks so much Gaby, I do love and appreciate all that you sent!!!

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Einschies blog said...

Ohhh Marie, I had a laugh on my face since I saw your NR you´ve made for Margaret;-))) I would have been there when you unpacked your package to see your smile seeing you got the same NR as you stitched;-)))) And I am happy you like everything;-) I knew I have to make a small Biscornu when getting your name in this exchange;-))

I wish you all the best with your moving;-))