Monday, September 15, 2008

Needle Roll arrives inthe Bay area

I received a really lovely needle roll exchange from Nela -
here is a snap of the entire exchange she sent -

She included some really beautiful ribbon, a super little vase and a chocolate bar -
it is a great exchange - Here is a close of the needle roll -

The roll is done 1/1 and is so delicate and pretty!!!
Thank you so much Nela!!!



Carol said...

Very pretty - and that chocolate looks so yummy!

Nelapx said...

you really like? for my work was more difficult because it is not wise thing embroidery for you ... I explain you have a magnet inside, so we can attract needles. why is heavy, not realized, is an area of magnet. at first was not kind almoada, if not with a cylindrical case, but not got the proper metal tube of tobacco, so DESISTI thereof as padding, but put a magnet dentro.asi besides you can click on the attract needles