Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Needleroll has arrived from Lillie

I rec'd a package today from Lillie in Malaysia. I LOVE the needleroll she made for me, it is a Sweetheart Tree design and in purples, my favorite color (i don't think she knew that either). It is gorgeous, but i can't take a pic of it my hubby has the camera in the woods for another week or 2 hunting. :( Hopefully Lillie took a pic before she sent it off and can post one for me before he gets back. There were soem fun goodies in there as well, beads, ribbons and floss. yummy!

thank you soooo much Lillie for making my first HOE exchange so much fun!!!

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Lillie said...

Glad it arrived Karen and am happy to know you like it. Its your fav color?, wow, Lucky me, to have choose the Violet over the Rose bouquet.

I hope you will enjoy the little extras. Will upload a photo after this.