Saturday, September 27, 2008

Needleroll has a new home :-)

Hubby picked up a parcel from the post office this morning, and it was a gorgeous needleroll (picture later!), with some lovely goodies :-)

Trouble is the envelope got chucked in the bin and I can't for the life of me think who it was from as there was no note with it :(

So thank you to my mystery stitcher, I adore the needleroll - the beading, different stitches etc are just so perfect. You have done a wonderfull job stitching this, it is lovely and I love it so much. :-)


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Hannah said...

Hi there, Natty! The needleroll was from me. In my haste mailing it out a day late, I forgot to write out a card. I just remembered that I hadn't put a card in yesterday and I was going to make a post today to let my receiver know that I had forgotten it :) Please forgive me! I am glad you like it! I was starting to get worried that it wasn't going to make it to you!