Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Needleroll Received!

Yesterday I received my needleroll and a box full of extras from Lisa V. of Australia. It's a very intricate design titled "Home Sweet Home," by M Designs. She included specialty floss, blending filament, a fat quarter, linen, ribbons, the chart, a lip gloss, and a special pin.

Thank you, Lisa!

I know that you spent many hours stitching this cute design. It's a great addition to my collection of smalls.

Marie W.


Lisa said...

Hi Marie, I am soo pleased that you liked all that I sent. I'm glad you also liked the design I chose for you.

Einschies blog said...

Ohhh wonderful I also like this design and also have the pattern...I love NRs so very much, I have tons of patterns and nearly everyone from M Designs...who would sell free time to me????? I guess nobody*sigh*


Nelapx said...

GUaooo issss bellisimoo

Cathy B said...

That's a really neat design!