Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nela arrive quakers..... and send needleroll

I do not have Internet primarily by problems in the area where I live after a failure of electricity which affect the provision of the Internet, why I was unable to warn or connect in a week

Several warnings, today I received a beautiful package Ina, I would like to know whether Ina Ina is my friend whom I call the girl of tulips, which is netherlands, or Ina is another, equally are; prays thousand thanks. do not know how happy that made me, fabrics that has sent have arrived in very good day, I will use them for a job for someone in SBEBB whose theme is pumpkins, thank you.



And Thanks card postal.....

On the other hand needleroll my package came out, to send my partner exchanged two packages is a private with the needle roll and another is a magazine is printed as an envelope, perhaps this afternoon, more time. And this exchange partner has been the work that has cost me more because he has been very difficult to investigate your own taste. But much has been done with love.

Send EMS Number EE01656823VE

Besos y feliz semana....

I'm writing a computer rendered, and a free connection, it is not safe ... I hope to have Internet soon.

PD pleaseeeee
mee too a Floss Tag
please added to the list of what you have to write Internet mail, please....