Monday, September 29, 2008

Prairie Schooler exchange received

Just look at what I received from Ina! What do you do when you open a big box and you see this? I can tell you - you are breathless!

Ina sent me a big wooden box with the PS stitched piece so nicely incorporated in the lid... Oh I love all sorts of boxed and tins and... Ina, you couldn't make me smile more. I was so surprised that I actually was breathless opening the package, I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you so much!!
Of course, Ina didn't sent this beautiful box empty, it contained the printed text for "Mary had a little lamb..." (thank you for that, I was not familiar with it and though I knew it must come from something well known to English speakers, I never took the time to investigate), a card from the place she lives (what a great idea!), a memo pad, a pen and a super fun pair of scissors!

THANK YOU so much, Ina!!

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