Friday, September 5, 2008

Wow, now that was early!

Wow, I have already recieved my Prairie Schooler Exchange from Staci! OK, now, that was super fast. Staci must have been excited to get it in the mail ;-) It is so lovely. She stitched me a floss holder using a most excellent PS freebie. It's so cute! Plus... lots of super pretty fabrics, a nice needleroll chart and lots of pretty fob tassels! Thanks so much Staci!!

I was stumped to see the envelope. I had totally forgotten who was mailing to me in this exchange! LOL The computer decided for me and I didn't even think about it... but that did prompt me to go remind myself who I am stitching for.... LOL!!!! Silly, I know!!

Staci, thank you!!

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Cathy B said...

Wow - that's a really neat floss holder. Great exchange!