Sunday, January 4, 2009

First 2009 Exchange - Lizzie Kate

Edited November 9 -- Partner names were sent today - if you did not receive an email with your partner's name, please contact me! Cathy B - tadten @ msn . com (remove spaces).

Jayne P -- please contact me -- my email to you bounced and I don't have any other way to contact you!

Our first exchange for 2009 – will be a Lizzie Kate exchange! Stitch the Lizzie Kate design of your choice. You may choose any style of finishing that’s suitable for the design. Please use linen or evenweave - no AIDA! You may want to review your partner's blog for ideas as to their likes and dislikes!

Before you commit to this exchange, please review the HoE Guidelines!

Sign-ups: taken from now until November 7
Exchange information will be sent to you on or before November 9
Mailing Deadline: January 19, 2009 (may start mailing up to two weeks prior)

This exchange is open to current members of HoE or HoE too! If you would like to participate, please send me an email at tadten @ msn . com (omit all the spaces!)

You WILL receive a confirmation e-mail from me within 48 hours of receiving your sign-up e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail from me within that period, please resend as I did not receive your sign-up e-mail.

Cathy B

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