Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Message to Robyn Y's Floss tag & Christmas ornament exchange partners

Have been requested to list my likes/dislikes as I don't have a blog. However I do have a photo site http://jorja89.multiply.com This is set to everyone, so don't need to join to view.
My likes are fairly eclectic, mostly everything I've seen since joining online groups LOL. Least liked is 'cute' & lots of backstitch except for blackwork.
Favourite designers - Martina Weber Chatelaine, LDS, Papillon, Wiehenburg samplers, Sweetheart Tree, Just Nan, L&L, Ink Circles, Needlemania, Sampler Cove, My Big Toe, Rosewood Manor, Earth Threads, Indigo Rose, M designs, Bygone Stitches, Victoria Sampler, Carriage House Samplings, Heirloom Embroideries, Shepherds Bush, Ewe & Eye & Friends, even LK. Not much that doesn't appeal!
I'm always ecstatic to receive an exchange & appreciate the effort that has gone into such a piece. Was burned twice in June in 2 usually reliable groups, so have been reluctant to join in for a while, but am confident that here everything will be reciprocated!
Robyn in Oz

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