Thursday, October 16, 2008

Needle Roll for Cathy B

Look at the beautiful needleroll Ina stitched and finished for me! She said that it is her first ever -- let me tell you though, her finishing is the best I've ever seen. The seam on the back is perfect (I think it's called a "French seam.") Anyway, here's a picture:

I apologize for the dark photo - it's dark in the morning when I leave and it's dark when I return home - not conducive to picture taking! I try to find the brighest light and snap a photo - what can I say....but I digress...Ina sent a wonderful package of goodies including a Dutch needlework magazine which I will enjoy reading!

By the way, poor Ina had to send this package twice - the postal service returned it to her. I'm glad she sent it again because it is a beauty! Thank you Ina!

On a related note - we've got two more needlerolls yet to be received. One is traveling and a second will be mailed soon (a replacement stitched by a very kind volunteer!)

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Diane said...

Gorgeous needleroll and stunning pillow that it's displayed upon! WOW!