Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thank you Gwen! Prairie Schooler Arrived.

I'm sorry I'm a little late acknowledging this - with a new job and a new semester to get to grips with, time simply disappears and I'm hardly at home in daylight to take pictures :o)

Gwen send me this adorable (and useful) needle packet holder with a packet of my favourite needles, as well as some gorgeous hand dyed threads (my favourite dyers too!) and useful personalised note pad and sticky notes (great for all those honey-do notes LOL).

Gwen also sent me a card through the mail, as initially I didn't know who exactly it was from - the mailing envelope only had a surname and address. I did do some detective work, which led me to a couple of new blogs, and I did guess it was Gwen from the clues, but it was nice to have it confirmed :o)

Thank you Gwen, for the lovely exchange!

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