Friday, December 5, 2008

Valentine's Day Exchange Taking Sign Ups **NEW**

December 7, 2008: I have emailed all partner info to each member of the exchange today. If you did not receive your partner info, please email me right away - thanks.... Carol

I am now taking names for the upcoming Valentine's Day Exchange - now closed!

For this exchange, you may stitch anything you like as long as it pertains to the theme of Valentine's Day. Remember, no bookmarks, towels or magnets. Also, no AIDA, please.

Please refer to the HoE Guidelines near the top of the sidebar to the right. It is always good to review those before signing up for any exchange.

I will take sign ups from now until December 5th.

Mailing date will be January 24th, 2009

Please remember that you must have completed all of your commitments to previous exchanges before signing up for this exchange. This does not mean that if you already mailed yours for a current exchange and it has not been received yet that you cannot sign up. Rather, if you are far behind or very late with an exchange, I must ask that you fulfill that commitment first. Thanks :-)

Please email me at carolsutcliffe @ (omit spaces) to sign up. This exchange is open to current HoE and HoE Too members.


CraftyT said...

I know that this is limited to 100 members. But could please put my name on the list. When someone drops out I would love to participate.
Thank you

Flor Amarela said...

Hi Carol. Why this is limited to 100 members? could you please put my name on the list?I would love to participate.
Best regards

Feli said...

Preciosos todos los trabajos, un besazo.