Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank you Staci! I love it! Valentines Day Exchange!

package from staci valent valentine beanbag back from staci

Wow... :) Tonight I have recieved quite a treat... I would have known the beautiful stitching the moment I saw it, even had I not read the card... Staci, is such an artist :) She made me this absolutely gorgeous bean bag Valentine... :) I have never had a stitched bean bag and am treasuring it already! Staci`s stitching is exquisite! She sent a ton of goodies as well which included 3 fabbies, one of which just today I was drooling over at Wally World :)... thank you! A cute heart shaped teaspoon set, :) I think I may have a collection started by now of teaspoons ... I am thrilled :)... A chocolate bar, the cutest card... and the bean bag was wrapped beautifully in white tissue paper, and had the cutest tie... Thank you Staci... You rock!
Happy Dancing

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