Friday, March 13, 2009

An April Exchange

Woodland Exchange for Arbor Day

For this exchange you should think:
- foresty, woodsy, jungly, rainforesty with or without or the little creatures that live there -

Fabric - Your choice of Linen or even weave (no Aida)
Fibers - Your Choice
Design - Think Forest/ Jungle with or without animals
Finishing - Your choice

Sign ups: Will be taken now through March 12, 2009
Exchange Partners will be sent out around March 13, 2009

Mailing Deadline: April 24, 2009 - Arbor Day (you may mail up to 2 weeks prior - April 10th)

You should be a member in good standing with either the HOE or the HOE II - If you have an outstanding exchange you will need to meet your commitment to it before signing up for this or any other exchange, you also agree to stitch a replacement piece if your exchange package is lost in the mail.

Remember - your exchange partner's name is to be kept a secret!! Your partner will not know that you are stitching for them until they receive the package from you. Please refrain from posting pictures on the board or on you blog until after your partner has received their exchange.

So how do you sign-up?
Send an email to me at - edgar matt @ g mail . com (remove spaces) Please include :

Your Name
Your address
Your blog

You will will receive a confirmation email from me within 48 hours of signing up. If you do not receive an email - please resend as I have not gotten your sign-up email.
Thank you for considering the Woodland Exchange.

Take care,

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