Tuesday, March 10, 2009

biscornu has arrived from Kim in UK

Wonderful :) my exchange really brightened up my day! I had just traveled home
and had tons of anxiety when I got to my street, with tons of ice and snow. Need-
less to say I live at the top of a very winding road with steep ditches, so it is
never fun when there is ice,
so when I finally arrived to this surprise, I was so thrilled ;)
Thank you Kim
the biscornu was her first, and she also made me the cutest little matching scissor fob
and to top it off tons of gifties in the bag as well...
I feel so spoiled :)
Thank you! Pictures cannot do justice to the wonderful little fairies... she really looked
through my blog to find my likes - and did amazingly well...
Kim-- where did you get those little fairies :) did I understand that you designed them? because this should be charted - really!
and she made sure to put a dragonfly in as well ....
:)Please visit my blogspot where I will add more amazing pics of this exquisite exchange !!

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