Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mail Art Arrived from Sweden, such a treat!

front of mail art recieved

This is the front of my mail art from Maria in Sweden,
I love the stamps and how the border comes over from the back... I will be using this envelope for some of my stitching stash... just have to figure out what it will be used for ... Unique, and totally beautiful

LOve it!!

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maria4katter said...

Glad you liked the mailart (-: I am happy it arrived safely. If you lay the puzzle you´ll find a little greeting on the back. The stamps shows a tv-show that is a tradition in Sweden since the 70`s. It is about this rich boy that during christmas sees the poor people and wants to give them xmasgifts. He works extra in the postoffice and takes gifts from rich people to give to the poor. A "modern" Robin Hood.(-://Maria