Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mailart Received

This morning I got a message from Nela in Venezuela, that according to the USPS, there was an attempt to deliver my mailart on Monday, 3/16. She also sent me the tracking information so after work I went to the post office and retrieved my package.

OMG! No picture is going to do this piece justice. Nela's work is to die for! For those of you who have been fortunate to receive something from her, you know exactly what I am talking about. Nela mailed it inside another envelope as she has many embellishments on it.

Wait until you see the inside. This was a no goody exchange but Nela didn't listen, LOL! This is just amazing!

There is a fob with a very cool peacock feather charm on it, beads, threads, peacock feathers and a beautiful wooden thread palette with a peacock on it.

Thank you so much, Nela. I love all of it!



trillium said...

Did Nela make the wooden floss holder? Is it woodburned or painted?

Nelapx said...

Nela If he carries the thread is done with a Woodburne and dying .. both wait to see the rose of my biscornut ... jijiji ... and pumpkins, I love to invent

caerbannog said...

That's so gorgeous! Nela's needlework is simply amazing.

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