Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My mailart received!

It's a doggone shame that my cyberfriends live so far away. I wish some of you out there lived right next door to me (oh heck...all of you!) Listen to what Jill did for me. Then the replacement person didn't. Well, I just figured that I wasn't getting a mailart piece and I was okay with that cause things happen in people's lives and such and I really enjoy giving anyway more than receiving (tho I do like to see other's craft talents!)
Then lo and behold Jill sends me this fabulous mailart piece! So bright and cheery....and it went right through the mail, easy as pie! I had the biggest smile on my face when I got this.

Jill, you did a fabulous job on the mailart and thank you again for being so thoughtful and doing it yourself just so I wouldn't be left out! As I told Jill, it's on display in my diningroom right now but I'm currently thinking of a really special place to put it cause it it so cheery. Check out Jill's blog for how she did this piece! Till next time....

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