Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Received Woodland Exchange from Lillie!!!

Oh my goodness... I can't believe how fast the mail is! Lillie (Lily L) was my exchange partner and she mailed out her exchange from Malaysia on April 16 and here it is today... April 22 and it has already found it's way to the East Coast of the USA. Unbelievable!

Lillie made a gorgeous pinkeep for me. Everywhere I turned there were more surprises! Not only did she do a beautiful job stitching the piece but when I turned it over, I found that she had appliqued a leaf on the back and had added a couple of beautiful pins. Speaking of pins.... Lillie apparently has many talents. She actually made the beautiful teal topped pins that you see in the pin disk. Lillie also set some great stickers and some really adorable felt bunnies and clovers. Oh yes, and a GREAT little bag that will be perfect for carrying stitching items.

Thank you so much Lillie! The pinkeep is safely tucked in my curio. I LOVE it!!!

Here are pictures of this wonderful exchange....

Here's the front:

And a close-up so that you all can really appreciate it...

And the back:
Here's a picture of all of the wonderful goodies!

And a close-up of the beautiful pins that Lillie made...

Didn't I get lucky???

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Carol R said...

A stunning pinkeep - beautifully stitched and finished.