Saturday, April 25, 2009

Winter Quaker Exchange to Laurie

I don't think my recipient posted pictures, so I just thought I'd share what I made for the Winter Quaker Exchange, as I'm catching up on postings.



Designs: Quaker Needlework Accessories
Designer: With My Needle (Ellen Chester)
Source: Just Cro ss Stitch Ornament Issues
Threads: House of Embroidery, Touch of Grey (27A and 27C)
Fabric: 28 count jobelan, antique white

I stitched these for Laurie for the Winter Quaker Exchange. I thought using the designs from the Christmas Ornament issues would be appropriate, but I wanted to make the designs wintery, and not Christmassy, and the House of Embroidery threads seemed to talk to me of grey and icy winter days! House of E mbroidery threads are lovely to work with and the colours are gorgeous!

I finished the swan as a pincushion (I think the original called for a needlebook) and beaded the edge with one of my last purchases from my now-closed LNS.

The reverse has mine and Laurie's initials stitched over one in a fairly random placement, using the alphabet from another design in the series. I like to think of the flowers as snowdrops, carrying on the winter theme.

The scissor fob was tiny - just over an inch square - and manipulating the fabric to bead the edges was tricky! I think it was worth it, though! This time, I just put Laurie's initials on the reverse.

One day, I will stitch the entire series for myself ... If you would like to see more pictures, I've posted closeups on my blog

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