Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bookmark and another Mailart!

I'm not one to cause a big stink if for some reason I don't receive something in return as I really do just enjoy making and sending things.....and I know things happen in people's lives that cause them not to be able to send. Well, in the case of the mailart swap , I didn't get a mailart, and then the second person who was to make me one didn't send, so the admin of the swap made one and sent it. Well, it turns out I recieved another just recently from France (I'm so sorry I can't read the name on the postcard enclosed) but it is a beautiful piece with my initials. My address was a couple numbers off which could be why it may have been delayed in the mail. Thank you so much, Lamence(?)

This was from the bookmark exchange. OMG...I love this awesome colorful bookmark from Jean. My name is even on the bookmark and she also was so sweet to send some additional goodies. Fabrics are another fav of mine!!! Thank you so much Jean!!!

Thanks again ladies!!!!


lin ficelle said...

Hello Lucy. Laurence ! It's me that send you the letter !

Diana said...

They are beautiful