Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just Nan received

I received a wonderful package from Natasha, and it contained this wonderful pin cushion, it is really stunning with a crystal square at the centre. I've not seen this design, so it was a real joy for me, as I thought I knew all JN designs.

Thank you Natasha, I hope you get my email.



Zeb said...

As mentioned on your blog already, beautiful stitching :)

There are so many JNs out there that Nan doesn't list on her site, I am still coming across new stuff!
S'why I want to compile a more "complete" list.

caerbannog said...

That's beautiful! Natahsa did gorgeous work. I am really curious as to which one it is too, I haven't seen that design either.

Zeb said...

The design is called Crystal Heart Caerbannog :)
Unfortunately I can't find information about it (and quite a few other designs Nan has done) on the JN site.