Monday, July 20, 2009

Bookmark Exchange Photos

I'm just catching up with my own blog, and I realised I never showed off the wonderful exchange Irmeli sent me all the way from Finland!

Although she has no blog of her own, she's obviously been reading mine, because my bookmark featured not only one of my favourite motifs - a beehive - but was stitched in my favourite colours!


Here is the whole exchange - with the bookmark, a sweet postcard, cute buttons, ribbon, fabric in my favourite colours - and a piece with sheep on!, and chocolate (very yummy!)


Here's a close up of the front - isn't it pretty?


And there's the back, personalised too. The piece is beautifully stitched and finished, and way too precious to go into a book, so it sits in a basket on one of my bookcases, where I can admire it without the risk of losing it!

Thank you so much for this gorgeous exchange!


Missy Ann said...

Such a beautiful bookmark!

Irmeli said...

I'm happy you received my package at last! It has been on a trip so long time that I think it got lost. Nice that you liked it.