Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christmas in July exchange received

See the lovely Prairie Schooler Santa Valerie sent me! I was delighted to discover it when I opened the package :) And it's finished super nicely with tiny green beads all around - such a joy to look at!

But that wasn't all! Valerie stitched a little floss tag - how adorable!!! I am unsure which chart/designer it is taken from, but it's so very cute!! I love the colors and everything about it. The two skeins in Christmas colors came with the tag :)

Valerie also sent two charts including one from my wishslist, a piece of fabric in xmas colors and a big pack of American 100% natural, old fashioned hard lemon drops - so good! :)
Thank you so much again, Valerie!! I love it all and I appreciate how you tried to suit my tastes! :)

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