Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Received Christmas in July from Nic!

Oh my goodness... I tried to take pictures this morning but my batteries are used up in my camera. I have to wait for them to charge before I can post pictures. I will do so just as soon as I can. In the meantime I wanted to post to say that I received the most beautiful strawberry pincushion from Nic. It's a quaker style and is stitched in Christmas colors. I was so excited to receive from her since I had stitched for her in the Woodland exchange. It was so nice to get a piece from Nic! I can't wait to share pictures because her stitching and finishing is just beautiful. She also sent along some nice goodies as well. She sent a GORGEOUS Fat Quarter, a skein of green Needle Necessities and a Christmas ornament leaflet. THANK YOU Nic! I'll post pictures soon so that everyone can see what a beautiful pincushion you made for me. In the meantime it's already very happy sitting in my curio.


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