Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer House Exchange Received

I received this very cheerful envelope in the mail on Friday...


It came from Diana O and was just as cheerful inside - the tissue paper has sparkles!


There were several layers carefully concealing this treasure:


Isn't it beautiful? The colours just sing out. I think it must be the silk threads Diana used. Diana tells me that the motifs are from a Brenda Keyes book. Diana made a great choice - Brenda is one of my favourite designers, in fact hanging over the computer I have the "Schoolhouse Sampler" designed by her and which I stitched in 1996. Brenda's website seems to have been expanded recently, I recommend a browse if you like samplers!

Thank you so much for the gift, Diana. I will cherish it for the care, thought and skill you showed. And thank you too for the 'extra' you put in, naughty girl!

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