Friday, September 18, 2009

New Exchange Now Open

Breast Cancer Awareness month is October. To recognize this we are opening a new exchange called “beCAUSE it’s Pink”.

For this exchange you can stitch anything pink and finish it so that it is ready to use or display when mailed. However, you must stitch on linen or evenweave (no aida).

The Stitch Pink blog has links to free Breast Cancer patterns, however, you do not have to stitch a design that directly relates to breast cancer. When Pink Matters has “pink stitched” pieces too that you can get ideas from.

Signups will be taken until September 18, 2009. The mailing date will be October 23, 2009. You may mail up to two weeks prior to that date, but please do not mail before October 9, 2009.

To sign up for this exchange, email me at and remember to put your name, address and blog link in that email as well.


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