Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink Exchange and Halloween Exchange

I have received two exchanges to share. I am late in posting the photo of my Pink Exchange - my FIL passed away on Sunday after a relatively short battle with lung cancer - we are devastated here, so thinking about stitching has been a bit, well, slow...
Thank you, Sharlotte, for this pretty beCause It's Pink exchange. Sharlotte stitched me a lingerie bag - quite unique, I think! And so pretty. She also sent me a hand made bookmark (works great - I am an avid reader!), a pink Sharpie pen, two skeins of floss and pretty pink emery boards (also outstanding - I have long nails!). Thank you for such a treat! Well done!
And today I received this sweet Halloween Exchange from Terry - she stitched me an ornament and a fob using Blue Ribbons Designs charts :-) Love the orange linen! And... so cool... a Halloween needle minder too!

Thank you both so much! Sorry, Sharlotte, it took a little long to post the photo!


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Sharlotte said...

I'm glad you liked your exchange Carol. Don't worry about posting a pic late.If you had never posted one, I would have understood. So much your family has gone through lately. Hope all are doing as best as can be expected. I love your Halloween Exhchange you recieved! I had seen the Halloween needleminder at the needlework shop and almost bought it for my husband who recently started stitching. I'm sure he'll never do the exchangeing though! ;)