Sunday, June 27, 2010

For the Birds Exchange Now Open

Now accepting sign ups for current HoE and HoE II members only for a new exchange - For the Birds. Just in time for summer in the northern hemisphere :-)

This exchange will be bird themed - any kind of bird, any finish - just make sure your exchange has a bird somewhere on it.

Usual rules apply - NO AIDA, no bookmarks, magnets or towels.

Again, this will be a no goodies exchange - I don't want anyone to feel unnecessary financial pressure, times are tough enough.

I will accept sign ups until June 27, 2010
I will assign partner info in the early part of that week.
Mailing date is August 2, 2010

Feel free to mail as early as you like for this exchange!

Current members only.... cannot take new sign ups right now as we are a HUGE group.

When you sign up, PLEASE remember to include your name, mailing address and your blog URL for me... thank you! My email is carolsutcliffe @ comcast . net (delete spaces)