Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exchange From Gwen

First I would like to say sorry to Gwen, she sent me a beautiful exchange piece. It had been held up in quarantine for a week or so and I finally received it last week. I promised to post a picture straight away, but with cleaning and organising a birthday party, time slipped away from me.Here is the pillow Gwen sent me. It's a design called Pumpkin Blossom by Blackbird Designs. Gwen sewed some beads on to it and filled it with crushed walnut shells (that's why quarantine held it). It's such a beautiful pillow and I love it. Thank you Gwen. I also have to thank the quarantine officer whom I spoke to. She very carefully unpicked the stitching of the pillow so that she could examine it's contents and then taped it back up. When the pillow arrived it took me five minutes to sew the pillow closed and you would never know that anyone had touched it.

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